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While I really have enjoyed getting set up on I decided to take the next step and move my site over to

I have added a lot of new posts and have what I think is a really pretty new layout.  Check it out below.

The message of the blog is the same. LIVE BETTER. LEARN MORE. ENJOY LIFE

So come on over and check it out.

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Pintester Movement 2.0 – Lovin It

I am super pumped to be participating in the Pintester Movement 2.0, put on by none other than the Pintester herself, Sonja Foust.


I follow her site religiously and I find myself constantly laughing. Either from the witty, wordy and mostly dirty posts to the funny fails. If you have not checked her out you must, unless you get offended easily then get over yourself and still check her out!

Anyway, the object is to test a pin that the Pintester has already tried. I got really GUNG HO and decided to tackle the “Arm Knitting” pin which was originally posted by SimplyMaggie.


So I poured my self some wine and went to work…….


…….By work I mean that I pulled up the Pintester’s attempt which then lead me to the original post. From there I grabbed yarn that I had left over from a bad attempt at a christmas scarf and another glass of wine.


As I looked through the steps involved I started to get a bad feeling about the whole thing. Like the Pintester I had NO idea what any of the terms meant. So I started searching the web…… and poured myself some more wine.

Just as I kind of, sort of, not really at all whatsoever, started to figure it out I realized two things.

1) My cat was now playing with my yarn and 2) I had drank a lot of wine.


So, I decided to just chalk this one up as a FAIL and move on to something else.

But what could I do…………….hmmmm…….then it hit me. I could do the WAX PAPER WATER SPOT PREVENTER. 

Apparently no one really know where this originated, but I like clean things so I figured what the heck.

For this test all you need is two things (one of them not being your sobriety)

  1. A Faucet
  2. Wax Paper

I had both, then realized that my faucet was dirty. Really Dirty. So I cleaned it up all nice and shiny before I started. (your welcome)


Taking the wax paper in one hand, and my drink in the other, I proceeded to give the faucet a good rub down.


When I was done I noticed that my once shiny faucet now had streaks on it…yuck.


At this point who cares if it did resist water marks (it didn’t) and finger prints (not at all) because my faucet was all covered in a waxy film.

In my opinion this is a big ole FAIL, just like when the Pintester tried it.

But on the bright side I did finished my wine….so cheers to that!!


If you want to check out more pins that the Pintester has tried then be sure to check out her site.

Also, thanks for check out my blog, its pretty new but so far I think its pretty awesome. Heck, why not give me a like or sign up to follow me.



Welcome to my blog!

You are obviously here because:

  • Your awesome and or like awesome stuff
  • You got lost on your way to Pinterest
  • You are curious about life
  • You’re my mom ….Hi Mom, love you

The purpose of this site is not for me to rant about things or tell you what I had for lunch because baby jesus knows there is enough of that out there already.

What I hope this site will become is a totally awesome, radically fun place where people can come together and learn how to really LIVE life.

I believe that there is a difference between existing and living and unfortunately most of us just exist. We go through the motions because that is what’s easiest. So……

If you believe that FAILING makes you STRONGER, LAUGHTER (and liquor) is the best medicine and that life can be AWESOME then you are in the right place.

If you don’t then you should !!!! !!!!! !!!!!!