Pretty and Pink

By looking at my page you would like I really like pink, and I do. However, if you were looking in my closet at home you would think it was black, my house you would think leopard and if you were looking at my wine rack you would think it was white 🙂

I am kind of all over the board when it comes to color. I have realized it depends on the season, my mood and what it is in reference to.

So why all this talk about color. Well, I am in the midst of planning my wedding and color plays a hugely crazy role in “the big day.” From napkins to party favors, flowers to bridesmaids dress and even lighting. It is all tied to that one or two special colors that you decide are YOUR colors.


(if you want to check out a guide on wedding colors the ebook above is available at

Like anything in the wedding process this choice can easily become overwhelming. Especially if you are like me and have no true favorite. Sometimes when looking at the web and Pintrest it can start to feel like you are YOUR color.

So how are you supposed to choose?

FIRST.  Realize that while it is important, it is just a choice. People are coming to celebrate your day not get ideas for what color to paint their bathroom. I have also never walked into a wedding, turned to one of my girlfriends and said “I wouldn’t have taken her as a peach and blue type of person.” Not going to happen and if it did I would hope my friend would slap a little sense into me.

SECOND.  Print out that Pinterest wedding board you created. Tack it to a wall, stand back and see what jumps out at you. You might start to realize that there is a lot of purple. Or that there is one image that you are drawn to, a turquoise broach or perhaps a yellow tulip. This leads to my next tip.

THIRD.  Go with your gut. I have lost countless hours of sleep thinking about my wedding. Fretting about which would be better, gold & white or pink & gold. If you let it , it can become an obsession. There is a reason they call it over thinking. So don’t. Stop, close your eyes, breathe and when you open them follow you gut (or heart)

It is YOUR day after all. The people who loved you before will love after. Even if you do go with chartreuse.

And above all, just remind yourself that while it will live on in pictures, it does not define you nor is it the most important decision in this process.

That decision was to say YES!! and for me it has been the easiest decision I have made.

How about you. Got any color suggestion? How did you decide on your color?


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